Movement shapes your body
Oxana Altenburger

The Team

Oxana Altenburger

At the age of 6, my talent and passion for dance and movement was discovered and professionally promoted.

In addition to professional dance, I completed my education as choreographer and ballet master at the Academy for Dance and Movement in Russia and have successfully completed. 

Thanks to continuous training and commitment, I am now a master trainer in the PortDeBras® area. I qualified as a fitness trainer in the areas of Pilates, Pilates Reformer and Spiral Dynamics®

As a member and master trainer  PortDeBras ® International, I took over the representation Switzerland 5 years ago. I offer various training courses for interested fitness instructors who want to take over the training concept PortDeBras ®.

With my charisma and optimism, I inspire and encourage people to live and feel the fascination of sport.

Irina Kulchitskaya

As a child I fell in love with rhythmic gymnastics. I dreamed of becoming a fitness trainer, this profession has always fascinated me. 

The responsibility to work together with people, to promote health and to come to a result is what drives me.

As a master trainer with many years of international experience and continuous training in all facets of the fitness and gymnastics industry, I offer  a workout that is optimally tailored to you.

As a member and master trainer  PortDeBras ® International, I took over the representation Ukraine 7 years ago. In addition to my own gym, I also offer training courses for fitness instructors.

I am looking forward to taking your health and fitness condition to the next level.

Judith Zurbrügg

Movement has always had a high priority in my life. 

About five years ago, I got to know the training with the Pilates Reformer and was enthusiastic from the beginning. The various exercises as well as the gentle way to strengthen and shape the body is the unique feature of the Pilates Reformer.

A good body consciousness, combined with an inner calmness and balance are further positive results.

Being able to pass this on to others is just great fun for me.

Currently, I am completing various training courses in the fitness industry and specialize on Pilates Reformer, so that I can offer you the perfect workout.