Movement shapes your body
Oxana Altenburger

The Team

Oxana Altenburger

As a child I discovered my passion for dance and movement. In addition to professional dance, I completed my training as a choreographer and ballet master at the Academy for Dance and Movement in Russia and have successfully completed it. 

Thanks to continuous training and commitment, I am now a master trainer in the PortDeBras® area. I qualified as a fitness trainer in the areas of Pilates, Pilates Reformer and Spiral Dynamics®

With my charisma and optimism, I inspire and encourage people to live and feel the fascination of sport.

Tel. +41 (0) 76 5051561

Judith Zurbrügg

Movement has always had a high priority in my life. 

Five years ago I got to know the training on the Pilates Reformer and it inspired me from the beginning. 

I find the multiple variation and combination of exercises as well as the gentle way to strengthen and shape the body unique. A good body consciousness, combined with an inner calmness and balance are further positive effects. 

Being able to pass this on to others is just great fun for me.

Tel. +41 (0) 79 305 77 29