Movement shapes your body
Oxana Altenburger


After your introductory lesson is over, you can choose one of our membership options (ABO) or you can enjoy your individual Pilates and PortDeBras lessons without a subscription and pay for it every time you visit us.

Typ of excercise


With ABO

Without ABO (Single lesson)

Pilates floor with Spiraldynamic

CHF 35

CHF 40

PortDeBras with Spiraldynamic

CHF  35

CHF  40

Pilates Reformer Trio


CHF  60

CHF  70

Pilates Reformer Duo


CHF  80

CHF  90

Pilates Reformer Solo


CHF 100

CHF 120

Our membership options (ABO)

Choose a subscription based on your preferences and take the lessons that suit you best.

The lessons are freely selectable and will be deducted from the ABO  until the credit is set to zero.


CHF   350

 3 month


CHF   600

 6 month


CHF   800

 8 month


CHF 1000

12 month

* Exclusively for Pilates Floor / PortDeBras group participants

Please note:

  • All prices are per person
  • Individual lessons and ABOs must be paid for before a lesson. 
  • Free cancellation of lessons (except Monday lessons) must be made 24 hours in advance on a working day (public holidays are not taken into account). 
  • In the event of delays, only the remaining time of the lesson is available for training.
  • Mat group lessons are specially designed for small groups of people who have no health restrictions, ailments or injuries. 
  • Monday lessons must be canceled by 15:00 on the previous Friday. 
  • all lessons last 55 minutes.