Movement shapes your body
Oxana Altenburger



Absolut Balance was opened in 2005 as the first professional Pilates gym in the canton of Zug. The studio is located in the heart of the city of Zug. It is located in the best location - just a step from the central station. The studio is equipped with the latest high-tech Pilates devices. We offer a wide selection of trainings, from private lessons to various group courses with personal support. Absolut Balance has gained an excellent reputation in Switzerland as a studio with high standards.

The luxurious, spacious studio with lots of natural light including air conditioning, changing rooms, showers and much more has been expanded to meet the high expectations of our customers.

The studio has an inviting and quiet atmosphere. This will help you to relax and to concentrate upon your spiritual and physical connection during the training. It is our aim that our customers leave the studio with a big smile , energised and balanced.

Our Studio offers 

We focus on four activities that are connected and complement each other optimally. All four activities can be trained individually or together, depending on the person's needs and goal.

Reformer Pilates

A unique training method for those who want to strengthen, tighten and realign their body in order to improve life energy and vitality.



The fitness program integrates stretching methods, concepts of logical and natural movements as well as functional and dynamic stretching, including spiral stretching.


Body Barre

Body Barre is a new fitness trend that spreads like wildfire. It's a Pilates-based, ballet-inspired method that mainly revolves around the handrail used in ballet training - the Barre - with Pilates influences being integrated. Body Barre not only burns fat and tonus muscles, it also improves balance and posture.

On a traditional ballet bar with high-intensity choreography combined with isometric isolation and own body weight, this entire body practice will energize you, make you slim and strong.

Pilates Floor

Controlled, deliberately slow exercises, the focus on breathing and movement and the targeted activation of each individual muscle make Pilates an effective, gentle whole body workout that promotes your stability, balance and relaxation.

Spiral Dynamics

Spiraldynamik is a concept for anatomically correct movement, a kind of instruction manual from head to toe - in everyday life as in PortDeBras.